I spent 4 long years of my life in a small town called Loni where Iwas studying medicine. Watching movies in Loni is quite an experience. To fill you in about Loni..its a very small village in Ahmednagar district. Its 30 mins away from Shirdi.

So we all decided to watch a movie..”Lakshya” We had heard about theatres in loni but had never watched a movie in Loni before. We got all dressed up (So what if its dark in the theatre..looking good for a movie is very important!) And we entered the small gully where we knew the theatre was. It was a long lane. Along with us were a couple of goats, dogs and hens with their chicks. But our enthusiasm was with us all along!! Then we saw the theatre (Finally!!).

“Lakshya chal rahee hai na?” we asked the guy who looked like the theatre owner
“Haan..lekin demand show hai, isliye 20 rupaye ticket hain” The usual rates are Rs.10/-
“Theek hai….” we gave him the money. We were waiting for a ticket.
“Ticket wagera nahi hain…kaise bhi baith jao”–Shock no 1

What we saw inside was something I will never forget.There was a large screen….10 feet*15 feet wide. 10 feet away fromthe screen was the “seating” which consisted of 10 rows of wooden benches, each large enough to seat 7 people.–Shock no 2

“Arrey yeh to Anatomy Hall ke discarded benches Lagte hain” I told my friends who were just as shocked as I was. We made ourselves “comfortable” and settled down. Later some more people came and since the benches seemed full they settled on the floor.The movie began. It was an obviously pirated CD playing Pakistani Ads every 20-30 mins. The ads were too funny. The best we liked was “Chintoo candy”. Most ads had jingles based on the tunes of Hindi movies of the 90s. The CD quality was poor. The movie was nice though.

Later after the movie
“Kaisi lagee movie” my friend Pragati asked everyone
“Its nice yaar” Aditi said
“Uh..hmnn..guys by the way tum logonko wo kuch last scenes samajh me aayakyaa…?” I sheepishly asked everyone.
“The ones in which Hritik was trying to climb the mountains? Nahi yaar wasn’t it too dark? I think there was 15 minutes of just continuous darkness!!!!” Pragati”
Thank God, I thought I needed new glasses”

Later when I saw the movie again I realised that was the hallmark ofthe movie!!!!Later many theatres cropped up in and around Loni. But the aditya experience was unbeatable.

By nagpai

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4 replies on “Movies….”

hah, i might just sort have an idea about what you felt like, well same here , i\’m comin to spend 4 years in loni this summer.well the first time i saw aditya i just stared at the people sitting down on the floor, sme were even lyin down.but to be honest the only time i really went to the hall was on sundays to catch the the way great blog varshasee ya


DO they have a multiscreen multiplex? Parking space? hehe.. Very well documented experience, Varsha. The LCD projector company would certainly love to make an ad on this theater… hope it wasnt a dream in the operation theater during your practicals 😀


Thanks a lot guys @Kriss what are you doing in Loni?? Checking out the physiotherapy girls in the theatre hmnn?@Nagesh. Sure the LCD display guys will love it…but how will they find the theatre huh? Multiscreen not needed. Coz they play different movies throughout the day.@ enigma. Its economical so ppl watch bad movies but never regretciaoVarsha


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