Tete A Tete

Yesterday was a special concert at Shanmukananda Hall, Ghulam Ali, the Gazal Maestro performing in Mumbai after 20 years. Indeed the magical versatile voice of Ghulam Ali has made me join the Gazhal lovers’ club

However that is not the Tete a tete I had.

Mamee and I were waiting in front of one gates of the auditorium for one Mrs. Navinbhai (sorry I don’t know her first name, nor her last name) and her daughter as they had our passes with them. They came after some time and we stood there discussing things and the concert. The gate we were at was the entrance for the VIP car parking.

While we were having our chat a car came by with an obviously important looking man, flaunting a VIP pass with him. His car was not allowed to get into the hall premises

“Arrey main sponsor hu, yeh mera hi show hain yaar..mujhe jane nahi dega kya phir bhi…”
Watchman “Sir aapki gadee ka number nahi hain list mein”
Him, showing his pass, “Arrey A row mein important guests hi baithte hain naa…dekh yaar” He pointed to some name on the pass and said, “Dekh mera naam hain idhar…jane de yaar. Yeh mera hi show hain”
The watchman was still reluctant and refused to comply. The man was getting exasperated,
“Arrey teri bat bhi sahi hain, lekin main agar barabar hunga to teri galati ko tu kaise sudharega, gadi jaaney de, agar nahi hogi allowed to wapas bhej dena baahar. Ghulam Ali saab mere hi saath ruke huey hain….”

Suddenly mamee mumbled to me “He’s ……” I didn’t really get her, rather was not sure I heard her right.
Then to the watchman, “Janey do na inko yeh itna keh rahey hain to….”
All of us joined her too. The man seemed genuine and in a hurry as well.
And the chap had to allow him in, coz he was alone Vs. The imp man and 4 ladies!! Man was he overpowered!

The car was allowed in. The “sponsor” got out and came towards us. Till then mamee told us again..This time I was sure I heard right
“Woh Vitthal Kamat hain shayad” she told Mrs. Navinbhai
“Arrey woh…apde book padhi che ney..Idli Orchid aur main” she told her daughter in Gujarati.

Mr. Kamat came to us and said with folded hands,
“Apki wajah se meri gadee andar ja payee. Aisa hota hain na jab do logon ka jhagdaa hota hain to teesra akey usko nipta deta hain. Waisa hi kiya aapne mere liye…”
Mrs. Navinbahi interrupted him and pointed at mamee,
“Yeh aapko jantee hain,aap Vitthal Kamat hain naa! Apki book padhi hain humne, bahut acchi lagee…”
“Thank you, thank you” he said politely and with pleasure at being recognised. Even after having pointed at the orchid logo on the pass the guard had not recognized him.

He went away in a hurry or else I wanted to tell him,
“Ofcourse aapko help karnaa to hamara kartavya tha…after all ek Kamat hi to dusre Kamat ki help karega!”
My mamee is Dr. Kamat and genetically even I am 50% Kamat!

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Kya re Nagesh.. Did u get the contract of Publicising for Idli House..Wherever you are there there is Idli 🙂


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