14th And 15th Aug 2006……

Ok..the title may sound like some tale of Indian and Pakistani Independance days. This blog entry is far from it. Enough is said and written about it for me to add more. Plus abhi mera mood nahi hain…

13th Aug, Anuja’s brother’s wedding at Jogeswari. Supremo activity club. Nice time, GREAT FOOD (my primary concern). Plus the reception was studded with a lot of celebrities of the marathi stage and TV…Milind and Rani Gunaji, Sachin Khedekar, Vikram Gokhale, Pradeep and Rajani Velankar, etc…My friends from Ahmednagar had come for the wedding and stayed over at my 13th night was a pyjama party!!! 14th is mom’s and Nagesh’s birthday. Cut a cake at night.

14th morning go to Cooper. See my lost stetho around one of my senior’s neck…and I see RED..After confirming its mine I gather courage (and encouragement from mom who calls up at just the right time) and ask him casually taking care not to hurl any accusations at him. Works. Get my stethoscope back. twice lucky…..long ago had left it in ward 5 of KEM but thankfully one staff nurse had been nice enough to keep it away safely.

14th noon have lunch at Govinda restaurant of ISKON courtesy Dr. Galliara and Neha Purshottaman. Lovely food. Cooked in pure ghee and devoid of onions and garlic. The variety is stunning. Have heard that sunday is the day for chappan bhog…all 56 varieties!! Must visit. Wasting food not allowed as the food is Krsna Prasadam. So take small helpings and try everything. Must write a review of the place soon.

15th was supposed to be a trip to Karjat to N’s. A, T and R also in the gang. However mom worried about 15th Aug security concerns and the blast threats. Forced to cancel at the last moment. Friends sad, say won’t be fun without me so plans cancelled. Lots of rona dhona gussa from my side. But decide to be a good girl and not hurt mom..not on her birthday.

New plans….stay at N’s place..night over. Me, N and A. T and R just come for dinner.

So after my brahmavidya class, dinner I give Mom and Nagesh mugs I painted for them. They are surprised and they love them. Mom and I give Nagesh a kurta and a shirt respectively. Nagesh and I leave for N’s place. Rather I go there, Nagesh proceeds home. T and R leave past 12.30. N, A and I chat chat chat and bitch for a while untill N dozes off at 3 am. A and I go on till 5 am discussing life, guys, ambitions, patients, our dear friend’s not so great fiance (according to me he’s fine, according to them he is far from it. Hungry at 5 am so we devour theplas. Ya N is a gujju girl. Sleep as A has to wake up at 8 am. I get up at 10.30 am. tea, bath, chat with N about my interest in Ayurvedic research. Early lunch at N’s place…and back home….

Whew…….so much activity over the past 2 days……..

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yup.. agreed wid ya abt ISCKON quality of food.. its awesome.. and yeah.. enjoy and happy birthday to ur mom n nagesh..and one more thing..have heard d name but what is brahmavidya? 🙂


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