Look Who’s Following Me……

A lot of animals troubling me these days…some horses ahem trojan horses attacked my PC…just when I yanked myself free from those that I landed amidst some canines. The Hutch puppy has been following me like mad…..

First some executives landed home. Incidentally the same day Mom had decided to go billing from prepaid. So for a change I entertained them. Since I didn’t have the necessary documents Now co incidentally the same day I had called up hutch to send to my mom a represenatative of theirs to help my mom go billing. That person too landed up at her office. So now there are two groups of hutch puppies trying to wag their forms at me….sigh. And Mom has already commited to one and me to the other. Now I am trying to get the ones I took the forms from off my back.

Also I am now with a female co-intern whom I would love to call a “she dog” (you get me, don’t ya?!) ..more so ON HER FACE. That lady lied and cheated me into doing some work delegated on the both of us and tried to scoot. Alas she was given a more irritating and a nuttier job….*evil laughter*…..serves her right. Jhoot bole kauwa katey!!

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9 replies on “Look Who’s Following Me……”

> PaaPaa ka sapna*lol*My sis was suggesting Airtel – they have airtel, BPL and Hutch within them. Also, I read yesterday that Airtel is getting network upgraded/expanded by Ericsson so maybe that is a better choice. I need to think.


@ Nagesh…kar lo duniya mutthi mein@ Dadoji..hmnn airtel postpaid has a lot of hidden pricing, so I heard…that way hutch is pretty clear about how and why they charge you the moolah. @ Aditi…oh you bet. The one who came home, I had told them that i had asked for hutch representatives to meet me..even then they gave me the forms for mom….


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