The Great Indian Habit

Jara sa or little bit is such a popular word of the Indian man’s jargon. Like when they cook, they always put jara sa hing or haldi or whatever. My jara sa never matches with that golden standard jara sa I feel, hence when I cook, the haldi hing and salt are either jara sa excess or jara sa less..or maybe jara sa more would be fine….huh

Or when I miss meeting the head of the unit for the coveted signature and posting completion I am always jara sa late.

The other day in the casualty at around 2 am came a patient with a nasty laterated wound on the scalp, outcome of a fall.
I am not going to translate the rest, won’t be as much fun….

Me, “Vomitting vagera hua?”

“Haan, jara sa.”

Me, “Chakkar aya kay?”

“Haan, jara sa.”

Me, “Kahi aur laga kya?”

“Haan idhar udhar jara sa laga”

Me, “Behosh hua tha kya?”

“Haan, jara saa hua…..”


“Haan matlab hua……..”

By nagpai

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31 replies on “The Great Indian Habit”

haha jara si hansi aa gayibut amen to the cooking and jara sa namak.. my rule now is to always add jara sa less.. tehy can add later.. lekin jyada ho gaya to shamat hogi..


lol .. hilarious!! i guess here in the cooking shows its a PINCH OF SALT.. A PINCH OF THIS.. a pinch??? may be my fingers are fatter or thinner or longer or shorter.. OY! i feel ure pain. Ure patient story, hilarious!! i can mildly relate to it.


@ Anshul, Gangadhar, Cyberkitty, anumita..thanks a lot@ Aditi..oh yes you bet….thats the best way.@ Chocoletuva..ya the pinch size is so damn subjective!!@orange jammies…..check these out the july and aug archives for many more…..


@ arz00n….yaa the \”log\” is another one…@ serpent….ya sitting on the fence types@ sudeep…he wasn\’t amused at all. Infact when he told him that he would need a CT Scan since he had vomitted, was behosh and all that he retracted that vomitiing was just jara sa and behosh he wasn\’t really….funny but sad that he can\’t afford the test


@ suraj..sure@ sangita…thanks a lot..liked ur blog too.@ WM…hmnn I was rather sleepy then, but ya his face was worth a look at…@ KJ…oh yaa…jawal ahey is another cheater@ ajit..ya a sanjeev kumar movie..but don\’t remember which one.


I keep imagining the stuff u actally have to face..and I\’m still smiling..Humour comes out of unexpected situations..This was one of them..Zara sa behosh..heheheP.S- Your word identification was really long and tedious..I had to adjust my glasses to read it properly 😦


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