Dil Ki Baat

When you really really want something, like its said in Alchemist, the whole world conspires with you in achieving it…

Mom and I had been shopping for clothes for my mamis, as Diwali gifts. There I loved a dress material….orange and blue. These days I have taken a fancy for bright and contrasting clothes and loved the piece immediately. Didn’t buy it. Not that it was too expensive but since I have many dress materials still waiting to visit the tailor I kept it aside. And the next day at mami’s place, I get a similar dress…as a Bhau Beej gift!! Same shades of bright orange and turquoise blue……

Mom and I were dying to shop for a beautiful chandelier for our new home, mom more than me. But we never managed the time to go shopping for one. And one fine day, a friend of mom’s from her old college, who has been working in Dubai for the past 2 years…whom mom has helped in her own small way comes to mom and tells her that he has gotten a chandelier for her…as a gift for the new home. He and his family came here some hours back, and we just finished assembling it. It should be on the ceiling by tomorrow…..shall post the photos if I take them…..

By nagpai

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17 replies on “Dil Ki Baat”

Oh..than ..Congrats on new home..It\’s so sweet @ chandelier thing..Sweet friend of ur mom,indeed..And how\’s your Diwali,Varsha?


serendipity huh??? u r lucky 2 have it.god save all the other unlucky souls(like me) out here. whenever i want somthin….i always get quite opposite things. but its exciting in a way. life\’s like a box of chocolates . u donno what u gonna get .


Wish you a belated happy diwali too. You are lucky to get gifts like that, I usually get clothes that are too large for me !


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