Please pray for me. While my personal life is at a high, I need prayers for what I can call my “professional life”. A lot of messy issues to be solved.

Thanks a lot

Varsha Naik

By nagpai

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17 replies on “Prayers”

a wish for good luck..from one with ur opposite curse..good profesional to terrible personal life..hope you have a great time and come out unscathed.


Oh dear..I hope your issues, whatever they are…get resolved soon. Med school days can be very stressful, but take solace in the fact that they don\’t last forever and this too shall pass. Hug,D.


Did my prayers work? And there is always Nagesh to take your frustration out on. :-DI am coming to Parle next week – Parle cousin getting engaged to a Parle girl he met in – of all the places – Pune!


Varsha, I saw this post on your new blog (could not post comment there).I hope everything is fine now. All the best. Keep yourself calm (as I am doing these days when my professional life has gone for a toss).


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