Click me!!

the thought bug strikes HERE today for a change….

By nagpai

Love playing with WordPress | Learning to Code, forever

5 replies on “Click me!!”

I am surprised people did not lend you a helping hand. Really insensitive.But the Onions can be managed- use a black and decker ( if i got the brand right) chopper- really easy for most Indian cooking – including spinach/ cabbage/ tomatos ( they turn to puree though )


not related to anything really..I read ur blos avidly.. just noticed that u too have \’quite a few\’ blogger buddy links.. might i suggest what i did ? – add all of them in that. i guess the main advantage i could suggest for it is that u can place a mark (in mine- it\’s the * symbol) so that u\’d know when any of them have added any new posts !!as i said, it wasn\’t really related to the topic at all 🙂 oopsie


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