Happy New Year

Long time no blog…..I know, have been trying to study, plus a vacation with mom and brother. S0 on the ocassion of this new day of the new year let me pen some of my thoughts..


  1. Will work harder for my exams this year
  2. Will keep my room neater and get organised in general
  3. Stop judging and start loving
  4. Exercise regularly and work especially on the weak muscle groups pointed out by my physiotherapist (Ya I know I am too yuong to have one….sigh)
  5. Take care of my health and appearance…… :))
  6. Stop procrastinating

The Eve
Nagesh and I met after a long time since I had been on a vacation for a the last week of December. He had been out on office/personal trips on the rest of the weekends in December. We went to a CCD at Dadar TT hoping to sit there and catch up. And I was overjoyed to see it less populated than usual for the given hour of the day. But to our dismay for just the 31st CCD had doubled the rates. So we walked out in defiance of this (Paying 80 bucks for a cup usually priced at Rs. 30…even when 30 is a high price to pay for the amount of coffee is absolutely criminal) only to realise that we didn’t have a nice place where we could sit with just a drink or so. Then we grabbed a bite and I lightly mentioned that I wanted to but Geeta Press Bhagwad Geeta. So we went to Giri Book Stores at Matunga to buy that. We were probably the only couple in Mumbai who spent the eve discussing Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta as printed by different book presses.

The Vacation
Had this lovely vacation with my mom and brother form 24th through 30th December. Visited Banglore, Mysore and Coorg. Photos and travellogue will follow shortly.

By nagpai

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11 replies on “Happy New Year”

ooo welcome back and yes you should listen to ure physiotherapist, us PT\’s know what we\’re talking about. stopping procrasination is hard hard resolution, and id love it if you could follow up on that in ure blog ;). hahahaha.. i want a vacation, i need a vacation. oh yea, happy new year!


@ Aditi…when does your vacation end BTW….@ Choco gal…ya I will stop procrastinating later on… ;). Come to India on vacation..and visit Coorg…rocking good place@ Underscore…so have I…but I will still try and stick to them


Nice to have you back on blogs. We my wife,son and me visited those places last summer. Mysore, Dubare Elephant training camp, Tibetian settlements,Coorg. Bandipur, Madhumalai, Masinagodi, Ooty and Coonoor were the places Keep in with your Resolutions and always remember \”Karmanevadikaraste maa phale shu kadachan \” and \” Jo je vanchil to te laho pranijat\”


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