I’m Back

Done with my entrance exams. On 14th jan and 21st jan. The chances of me getting through in this attempt are slim, slimmer after I know what I have done in my papers. Anyways for some time I am back to dedicated blogging……

By nagpai

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11 replies on “I’m Back”

Arey, you keep changing te blogs. I don\’t know where to catch up with you. btw..I like this more than your Heartfelt blog, becos there I cant comment :).I looved to read this post. Felt like I and V before marriage :).But somehow we never talked about Bhagawad geeta. May be its time now :D.


@ HKJ..thanks a lot@ probs :)@ Dadoji…entrance exams for PG…All India and Maharashtra CET@ Shilpa..this is my main and primary blog..multiply is just an experiment where all the posts from this place get imported


so how many of your resolutions have you kept from the previous post? From what you say here, resolution#1 definitely seems to have gone out the window. Suspect #2,#4, #5 and #6 din\’t make the cut either… 🙂


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