She was deft at dumping work on the world….she behaved as if she was the only one who had exams….I did my work sincerely. Never shirked. I was eager lo learn.

I don’t deny she studied. And I don’t deny I didn’t.

She cracked the exams…I didn’t.

I know ONLY hard work pays in the end…but somehow I still believed in natural justice…….

Disclaimer: This may not really make much sense…..leave it

By nagpai

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7 replies on “Faith”

Hi!can completely understand what you saying here! am waiting for my results too (they are tomo :)) and i am feelin similar too. but would just want to let you know, that everyone\’s journey is different, and hopefully, we all get justice in our own ways in the end!!!Take care!


Surgery posting… JVH posting… started my posting on a double-emerge.. sunday-monday.. didnt knew anything abt central-lines and all.. my other co-intern bunked the entire posting cause he wanted to study for his all-india exam.. I worked my hump out thru the double-emerge (and that too JVH) inserting 14 central-lines and suturing endlessly thru the nights and sleeping for less than 2 hrs for 2 whole days… Just cuz my co-intern wanted to study so he took a repeat and i didnt… The end result–> I completed my posting and impressed the HOD of surg KEM to such an extent tht he invited me for lunch with his unit at the end of the posting, I got 10/10 in my interns log bk .. and my co-intern cracked the all-india and pgmcet and got an ortho seat while im all wondering, what shud i had done!!So Varsha.. ill tell u wht one o my reg told me… whts the use of this knowledge that u acquire in ur internship when u dont have a seat to make use of it… while a loser who knows no shit abt suturin material gets an ortho seat…theres no natural justice.. to survive uve to be like them..all the best for ur exams!


its the same everywhere.. every person feels the same.. but then you cant really say you were more productive than her or vice versa, maybe it was injustice maybe it was justice, u can zero on that only when u see both the papers, isnt it ๐Ÿ™‚ sometimes putting in your everything isnt enuf for the simple reason that some1 else put in more.. ๐Ÿ™‚


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