Anu again……

No Time
Anu: When mummy will come home?
Varsha Mami: She will come real soon.
Anu: But WHEN???
VM: Soon dear…She will be home in no time.
I realised the phrase was new to her only when she gave me a worried cum sad look,
Anu: In no time means she is not going to come home???

Full Name
Whenever anyone asks her the name of her school, Anu always says “Garodia”, almost never the full name unless specifically asked for. So one fine funny day
VM: Anu whats the name of your school
Anu: Garodia
VM: Tell me the full name of your school
Anu: Garodia Academy Preschool
VM: oh…do you know what preschool means??
Anu: Mmm, I don’t know…(after a moment of careful thinking) Is it the Surname of the school?

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9 replies on “Anu again……”

Life is so meaningful having kids around. My niece keep on saying to my wife \”kaki pan kaa tu maala promise kelas ? aataa mala mahit naahi, tula kelach paahije \”We are missing her so much. (To be frank, all out family disputes were came to an end with her birth, can I misbehave in front of her ? never !)


What can I say, kids do and say the cutest things… I remember when my twin niece and nephew and cousin had come a few years ago… I doubt I can forget their antics… Just totally adorable… Hope to read more abt her… 🙂


hi Varshafeels really good to read these conversations! reminds me of the evenings ananya spent at my place and our dialogues.and after all the times i played with her when i asked her one day \’ why she doesn\’t come over to my place anymore ?\’ she told me \’ u dont have a babu at ur house, i want to play with a babu.\’hoping to read many more such tête-à-têtes.


dad – why did teacher kick you outta the school?son- she asked me whats 3 + 5?dad- so?son- i said then?son- then she asked me whats 5 + 3?dad- whats the difference, dumbass!!son- thats what i said


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