Ganpati Bappa

Ganesh Chaturthi was a hectic time for us. We had a chaturthi celebration for 1 day on the 15th at our home. This year the Pais celebrated 93rd year of chaturthi celebrations.

Our Ganpati Bappa

An interesting thing happened this year….
Radhika’s friend from office, a Ganesh devotee Mrs. Radha, ALWAYS gets steamed modaks as an offering for chaturthi. My father in law kept one of the modaks on Ganpati’s hand. After some time he noticed the modak had opened up and the filling too had leaked out a little.

Miracle? Or the heat from the diyas that made the modak open up? Or something else? Take your pick.

On the second day, Nagesh and I visited Kings Circle GSB Seva Mandal Ganesh. HERE are videos captured at Seva Mandal festival, Wadala Ganpati festival and even some videos from our home celebrations.

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8 replies on “Ganpati Bappa”

i miss ganpati bappa.. i think the most thing i miss is the creativity of the idols.. and how wonderful and lovely they are. second thing i miss is the white prasad (sugar balls thing) and the shiro as the prasad too. =) YUMMY.


@ Choco…Next Gnapati if u are in Mumbai you are most welcome to my place@ Gauri..My pleasure@ Aditi….you bet. Now its our, that is Nagesh my responsibility to continue…@ Harekrishnaji..Saw your pics. Lovely. Thanks for your comments@ Serendipity :))


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