Hiatus Longus Nonexplicatus

Lack of blog posts can be easily attributed to a combination of my laziness, busyness, “want to rest all the time I get” and new founded interest in reading the texts of Anaesthesiology.

Watched Ghajini today (yeah, yeah I know I’m way too behind schedule). Nice but pretty unbelievable the amount of strength Aamir Khan has. And the absolute power the villian seems to have. But decent timepass. Before Ghajini, I had a chance to watch Memento, the movie on which Ghajini is loosely based. Rather different and difficult to understand movie. I am still not sure I understood the movie. After watching it I googled the movie and did some wiki on the movie to understand it. (After reading all this one wonders, and she has no time to blog? tch, tch)

I have also realised that I badly need to revamp my blog. Currently I am on a lookout for unique templates and tips to give my blog a fresh look. And provided I maintain a good frequency of posting I shall consider having my own domain!! Now thats enough inspiration to write more often!

Paid a long overdue visit to the dentist. A new chappie here I found. Dentist is a person I just don’t like to visit for a multitude of reasons……which I think I will write about in my next blog 🙂

Ciao for now…………..

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