Whats WRONG With Me?!

In just one week, I managed to make a massive mess in my simple life…
First, I drown my dear mobile phone in water

Then, in my attempts to dry it, I lose my 2gb memory card which had a lot of interesting pics I had taken and very smartly not made a back up of on my PC.

Then since I do not have an extra CDMA handset, I move to a GSM number which I have and use my old Nokia handset for the same, the charger of which I manage to drop and break.

Somewhere while this all was happening I lose my nice not too old Titan Raaga watch and don’t even remember where I lose it……

Then after one busy call where I work straight for 20 hours, I “oversleep” (3.5 hrs instead of the only 2.5 hours limit I had to show up in OT on time) much to the disappointment of my seniors….


I NEED A BREAK!! And a new phone………..

By nagpai

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