Aiseich ek post….

The lazy girl, looks at the world and finds 10 things to blog about everyday. But the outcome?! Sigh…..
Just returned from a short but lovely trip to Mangalore. Met family and interesting people. Loved the place. Although riding on private buses in Karnataka is only for the brave ones.
Saw 3 Idiots (way back when it released but writing now) and LOVED it. Then read Five point someone. The novel is good, yes. But CB is not exactly an author who can create characters. Stories yes, characters, no. Like I could not have imagined how Alok in the novel was supposed to be had I not seen the movie. In fact I had even tried reading the book a year ago but had left midway since I found it tough to “visualize” the story. Unlike Agatha Christie, whose stories not only do I visualize, after having read the 30 odd of her books that I have, I think I know how British country side in the 1950s was. So the concept may be credited to him, but the movie has a charm of its own….
“Look at not what you have lost but at what you have left”.…. Thought for the day at Afghan Church. Not too sure what that is supposed to mean.
June is the time for exams. So in a studying mode now. Last month of college left……

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2 replies on “Aiseich…….”

You not alone in being lazy on this! There are many a times you did feel that you want to blog about, but you simply don't. Either you are too lazy or you prefer sleeping !! I prefer the latter !! ;)About 3 idiots – I just feel the concept of the movie was taken from 5.someone, or rather it was inspired by the novel. If one really analyzes it and compares it – he surely is going to miss the charm of the movie while watching !!


5.someone although over-perves, its kinda closer to th real world. thats what a guy'd like to say about guy characters


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