Well DA at fag end…..just a last few days of college and then I am relieved for my studies. Nervous, about impending exams, about the fact that soon, once again i will be licenced to “kill”. Cannot believe its been 2 years already. Will miss my friends, the fun of college life……

Visited a “Tea Lounge” at Vile Parle. Long ago I had spoken of a place I love, Tea Centre at Churchgate. This place too is good. Tea accompaniments are pricey. I tried the mint tea……one pot is good for 2. The taste was just about fine. Couldn’t match the mint tea at TC. But a refreshing change to have a tea lounge over a coffee shop I feel. For tea lovers like me more so.

Moms not too well. Need prayers for her.

There was so much I wanted to blog about, but the moment I log on my mind just blanks off!! Why???

By nagpai

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