I know I am late, but what an amazing movie!! Awesome songs, music, direction, actors, story…everything. The movie has it all in a short span without too many unnecessary details. A landmark movie in the Marathi commercial cinema which has just recently managed to get out of raunchy senseless and repetitive humour..


By nagpai

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2 replies on “Natarang”

Really like your way of reviewing on a movie, fresh and forward, as it should be. By the way, the once again (hehe) template loks great in my 'audience humble opinion'.You blended the see-through and plain white beautifully!Second by the way: don't you need to update your profile here as well? You're not 'on the making as an anesthesiologist anymone! As far as a better person, agree with you: we're all on the making, isn't it great??? 🙂


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