Over the past 7-8 years I have developed this knack for handling vivas, its a challenge for me to have one better than the last one. Post ending exams, prelims, university exams……

Today was sort of antithesis, a viva, rather an interview which was not upto my “Varsha Standards”. My DA exam viva was good, rocking good actually. This was rock bottom!!

Hope I do better next time…….and seize the next opportunity

By nagpai

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2 replies on “Dissppointment”

Can't help but start with the 'utterance' I like so much from some of you in India: hmmm… Bear in mind what I'm doing here is simply sharing my core feelings with you…no advice, no preaching whatsoever, but…Do you really think perfectionism pays off better than reaching for your best shot instead? I see a clear difference between the two.What if \”Varsha standards\” should be 'loosened up' a weeny tiny bit? What if Varsha herself is forgetting to hold to the sweetness of the memories the few fragrant flowers leave on her palms…?


Hmnnn… I agree, perfection is not what I should seek always. Giving it my best shot is important. I gave this my best shot but didn't get good outcome…Worry not mai, I am disappointed but not disillusioned!


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