…my DA exam with 68.66%. First in my class 🙂

I know it doesn’t sound nice but I must thank many people for my success 

Nagesh……for being OK with me staying far during my prep leave, for encouraging, for tolerating my tears and many months of tea and toast for breakfast especially when I overslept post calls or post late night studies.

Mom….for encouraging, being my stress buster and tolerating my moods.

Ma In Law….for good wishes, for hey prayers, her support when I was studying and busy neglecting home duties, for tolerating a student bahu

My teachers for guiding, mentoring even scolding and moulding…

My HOD Dr. Iyer and Prof Dr. Indrani for their encouraging feedback during the vivas. Facing the DNB interviews in front of a gang of 4 strangers I realize how important it is to have a familiar face during vivas and times of stress….

My buddies Aditi and Nitin, my partners in studying, my partners for dinners, lunches, teas and for chillaxing during times of stress….

My buddies Kshiteeja and Rashmi for dropping in for destressing, for encouragement, for help during exams in many ways that are beyond words….

Smt. Anagha Lele, Aditi’s mom for sending tasty home cooked meals every day for 2 whole months to ease our hostel stay and make it tolerable!

Mumbai Dabbawalas for getting us on time our lunches 😀

I may have missed some names now and will edit the post when needed!!

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