Meter Jam

Auto, Taxi…you love them , you hate them, you swear at them yet cannot do without them…..

I hate it the most, to ask for an auto ride from Parle east to west. What makes it worse is that I get an auto after at least 10 have rejected (with 7 giving tchs, like I have asked them to try skinny dipping down the Mithi river) Late at night, I understand. But duing the day?! Whats the problem? Traffic? Its everywhere. Plus more traffic is more income, so why complain?!

Another pain is the airport. Try taking an auto from the Airport. To anywhere. Big pain  Once a fella fought with me because he had waited 3 hours in the queue and got a “minimum bhada”. The other one, when I took him to Ghatkopar from the airport whined that this was way too far, he had waited 3 hours in the queue! Uh?!

I have reduced my auto rides the day the fares increased. Walking is good for me anyway!

But still, I do agree, we cannot do without them. Atleast I cannot. Since I do not have my own vehicle yet.

While we do blame them, there are nice guys too. One kaka near my home I particularly like. One day while on our way to Kurla terminus Nagesh forgot his bagpack with his laptop and SLR camera in the auto. When we realized, the auto had left already. But this kaka, returned back to give us our bag when he saw it in his rear view mirror.

For me, meter jam is almost always on. Bus or a walk. Auto for emergencies only.

But I am game for August 12th, yes!!

By nagpai

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Dear VarshaThanks so much for spending time on my blog and sincerely appreciate your comment. Saw your blogs and especially liked the FEW FRAGNANT FLOWERS…. Just got to know that u a r veteran blogger since 2006… Am privileged to have you visit my blog. Do also look at the main food blog – for Food related stuff.Also have recently posted \”An Open Letter to TOI MD, Vineet Jain\” on the recent role of Times OF India as a Change agent by unearthing CWG, Adarsh scams etc. ( once again and look forward to be in touch,Regards to you and Ma'm,Jalpesh Mehta


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