What DO Men want?

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Incidentally my 100th post, thank you!
Never imagined my 100th post will be anything more that “Yay my 100th post”. But no, Blogadda has some plan for me! So I put on my thinking cap and though….

I believe that most men want
To be heard out…
….about the day they spent at work, job hiccups, boss bitching (yes you heard that right).

….need I say more?

To be looked after and even pampered, like their moms did…
….clean home, warm food, hot tea and all they want at hand. With minimal effort. Or just a bit more than minimal effort (lets be fair to them)

A Strong Woman…
….who can fight her own battles. A silly scared girl may be cute (I said MAY be) to some, but most guys want a woman who is strong independent and not a sissy.

Peace of mind…
….no nagging and a mom and wife who can stay with each other with love. Each one has a special place in his life that cannot be replaced by anyone else

To be loved and accepted…
….unconditionally, with the the bald head, with the pot belly and with the sometimes small pay packet.

….to fart, burp, sneeze at any time of the day, in the confines of his home.

….in the eyes of his partner and children.

….of all that he does for his loved ones. The efforts and the sacrifices.

I am sure there is lot more, all the men out there, tell us what you want. We want to hear you. Women out there, tell me what more men want!

By nagpai

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One reply on “What DO Men want?”

Ahem, ahem, well, tough to say what one really wants, but all in all, men and women want pretty similar things when a partner is chosen/found, whatever the best word here is.I liked your choices,but in my view we all want to, no matter how much time has passed, still be nicely surprised once in a while by the significant one…Trick is to remember what causes this thrill, smile on the corner of the lip, naughty look in the eyes…Love should be constantly renewed or we end up living with a good old pal only…


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