Marriage Matters

So far I believed Balika Vadhu was only on TV. Little girls getting married off at a young age was something of the past or in remotest of villages. Then I learn’t about two young girls in my neighborhood who have been “engaged to be married” since the ages of 7!

Thankfully, the girls’ in laws have “allowed” them to study. Needless to say, they are not allowed to meet their prospective spouses. This really got me thinking. I mean when you are in school and all young, it may sound like fun, to be betrothed. MAY sound to some, I repeat. But what happens when its actually time to get married?

Don’t we all have some ideas, some concept or some dreams about the kind of spouse we want to have? What if this person does not meet those criteria. And this is for both the groom and the bride… Do you still get married? Do you live with someone whom you cannot like, quietly- forced to like and even love them! What if the boy dies before the marriage? Does the girl become a “widow” without the marriage?

Then I laugh, when I think my married life must be such a culture shock to them, like theirs is to mine!
Married yet studying….
Married long enough to have 2 kids, yet happily studying…
Husband who doesn’t mind living at his sasural once in a while…

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13 replies on “Marriage Matters”

hehe….Loved the last part…Husband who doesn't mind living in a sasural 😀 I wish mine would agree!I was planning to write something similar as I considered myself 'balika vadhu' until now. Nope, did not get married at 7 but I was 18 when I got married. And now I am 23. But this is actually shocking!


It may sound funny (or I may say odd) but most of these outdated ideas of child marriage/want boy child etc is encouraged/demanded by the lady of the house who at one point of time must have suffered for the same reasons


never seen sucha young bride!! but I have a friend who got married after class X, and is now not-so-happily married…i feel so very sorry for her…she didnt complete her education, doesn't have a proper job, has not started a family as yet, and is married for almost 8-9 years now….following you…check out my blog here: follow if you like!


Please edit that Varsha.. Husband who doesn't mind living at his sasural once in a whileMake that.. Husband who loves getting pampered at Sasural for those whiles other than the once in a whiles :)…. smiles smiles 🙂


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