About Varsha

Varsha was born as a single person. While she grew up, she developed a lot of alter personalities.

One of them is a doctor personality. She was born in 2001, graduated in 2006 and in 2008 grew up to be the anaesthesiologist. This anaesthesiologist dominates the picture and is currently pursuing her DNB in Anaesthesiology in Mumbai. She loves her work and aims to keep studying for 2 more years. This personality is fond of her work almost addicted, dutiful and deeply attached to her patients. She is sincere and observant.

When the anaesthesiologist is away, there is a wannabe cook. She loves cooking but the anaesthesiologist gives her her freedom only for the weekends or in desperate hunger crises. This wannabe cook is creative, sweet but accident prone at times.

Then there is the dutiful daughter. This one is alert all day and on toes quite often. This daughter person is the one who throws tantrums, gets irritable and is largely responsible for Varsha’s misbehaviour. But she is a momma’s girl at heart and aims to keep momma happy and takes care of her. This momma girl now has the responsibility of two more parents and she handles it decently. She also becomes a make shift friend for her darling niece, who is often the subject of her blogs.

She developed another wife personality in 2007. This personality also keeps lurking in the background and feels sad at times that she is not the dominant one and shares limelight with the anaesthesiologist personality. This one is also a moody one who throws tantrums but is largely loving and caring. And she is friendly with the dormant cook personality. And of course, very friendly with the husband personality and loves him dearly

She also developed this blogger personality. This lady had a growth spurt almost immediately after birth in 2006. But she slowed down after 2007 and almost retired in 2008 when the anaesthesiologist took charge of Varsha. She has now started resurfacing again and needs appreciation and applause at present to keep going. Comebacks are not easy, sigh.

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