Tete A Tete

Yesterday was a special concert at Shanmukananda Hall, Ghulam Ali, the Gazal Maestro performing in Mumbai after 20 years. Indeed the magical versatile voice of Ghulam Ali has made me join the Gazhal lovers’ club

However that is not the Tete a tete I had.

Mamee and I were waiting in front of one gates of the auditorium for one Mrs. Navinbhai (sorry I don’t know her first name, nor her last name) and her daughter as they had our passes with them. They came after some time and we stood there discussing things and the concert. The gate we were at was the entrance for the VIP car parking.

While we were having our chat a car came by with an obviously important looking man, flaunting a VIP pass with him. His car was not allowed to get into the hall premises

“Arrey main sponsor hu, yeh mera hi show hain yaar..mujhe jane nahi dega kya phir bhi…”
Watchman “Sir aapki gadee ka number nahi hain list mein”
Him, showing his pass, “Arrey A row mein important guests hi baithte hain naa…dekh yaar” He pointed to some name on the pass and said, “Dekh mera naam hain idhar…jane de yaar. Yeh mera hi show hain”
The watchman was still reluctant and refused to comply. The man was getting exasperated,
“Arrey teri bat bhi sahi hain, lekin main agar barabar hunga to teri galati ko tu kaise sudharega, gadi jaaney de, agar nahi hogi allowed to wapas bhej dena baahar. Ghulam Ali saab mere hi saath ruke huey hain….”

Suddenly mamee mumbled to me “He’s ……” I didn’t really get her, rather was not sure I heard her right.
Then to the watchman, “Janey do na inko yeh itna keh rahey hain to….”
All of us joined her too. The man seemed genuine and in a hurry as well.
And the chap had to allow him in, coz he was alone Vs. The imp man and 4 ladies!! Man was he overpowered!

The car was allowed in. The “sponsor” got out and came towards us. Till then mamee told us again..This time I was sure I heard right
“Woh Vitthal Kamat hain shayad” she told Mrs. Navinbhai
“Arrey woh…apde book padhi che ney..Idli Orchid aur main” she told her daughter in Gujarati.

Mr. Kamat came to us and said with folded hands,
“Apki wajah se meri gadee andar ja payee. Aisa hota hain na jab do logon ka jhagdaa hota hain to teesra akey usko nipta deta hain. Waisa hi kiya aapne mere liye…”
Mrs. Navinbahi interrupted him and pointed at mamee,
“Yeh aapko jantee hain,aap Vitthal Kamat hain naa! Apki book padhi hain humne, bahut acchi lagee…”
“Thank you, thank you” he said politely and with pleasure at being recognised. Even after having pointed at the orchid logo on the pass the guard had not recognized him.

He went away in a hurry or else I wanted to tell him,
“Ofcourse aapko help karnaa to hamara kartavya tha…after all ek Kamat hi to dusre Kamat ki help karega!”
My mamee is Dr. Kamat and genetically even I am 50% Kamat!


Phool aur Patthar

Place: Ramabai Paranjpe Balvidyamandir, Vile Parle(East). Junior KG class,
Incharge Jaya Tai
Task: Draw a picture with brush and grey paint.

Varsha’s turn. She wants to paint a flower. She takes the brush and starts. Well well, the petals don’t look that fine…kya karein, she just moves her brush all over the picture in slight disappointment. So now on the paper is just a splash of grey paint!! Suddenly it strikes her
“Hey this looks familiar…..”
Jaya Tai watching intently, “What have you drawn on the paper dear?”
Varsha: “Tai its a rock”
Tai: “Hmnn…nice”

I remember the story so vividly…And my tais in Ramabai had good knowledge of child psychology I feel. When later Jaya Tai picked up some of the best drawings to show some other teacher, she selected 3 nice drawings of a house, sunset and a man and handed them to me. Then I must have been staring at my own book hoping she choose it for she lifted that one too and handed it to me.
“Show all these nice drawings to Lata Tai”

I remember at that moment I was on the top of the world.

Later a befuddled Lata Tai asked me
“What is this drawing?”
“Its a rock” I said proudly.
“Have you drawn it?” she asked me with a smile.

That was probably my best day in junior KG.


My Life Quiz

This Is My Life, Rated
Life: 7.6
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Body: 8.8
Spirit: 7.5
Friends/Family: 5.3
Love: 2.9
Finance: 6.2
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Fishy Story

Isn’t it amazing how we change with the circumstances…………

Till about 4 years ago fish was something I never touched. I would even make faces and complain about the “aroma” when fish was cooked at home. At Vile Parle (E) Mandai which is probably the cleanest fish market in Mumbai I would stand out with my nose hidden behind a handkerchief. At home I was lovingly dubbed as a “Kalank on Malvanis” or even an “Abnormal Saraswat” because both these are supposed to be “fishiterian” communities. Of course it was very late that I learnt that being a GSB and eating fish do not necessarily go hand in hand. Nevertheless.

Then something changed…..I moved to the hostel. My tryst with the mess food made me ache for lovely home cooked meals. Slowly I started associating the aroma of fish with home food. It was then I realized what girls mean when they say that their MIL’s kitchen does not have the same aroma as their mom’s and that’s what makes them miss their home the most. Now although I would prefer vegetarian food to fish any day I must admit I relish fish, don’t mind shopping for it and am slowly turning into a “fishetarian” person.



I spent 4 long years of my life in a small town called Loni where Iwas studying medicine. Watching movies in Loni is quite an experience. To fill you in about Loni..its a very small village in Ahmednagar district. Its 30 mins away from Shirdi.

So we all decided to watch a movie..”Lakshya” We had heard about theatres in loni but had never watched a movie in Loni before. We got all dressed up (So what if its dark in the theatre..looking good for a movie is very important!) And we entered the small gully where we knew the theatre was. It was a long lane. Along with us were a couple of goats, dogs and hens with their chicks. But our enthusiasm was with us all along!! Then we saw the theatre (Finally!!).

“Lakshya chal rahee hai na?” we asked the guy who looked like the theatre owner
“Haan..lekin demand show hai, isliye 20 rupaye ticket hain” The usual rates are Rs.10/-
“Theek hai….” we gave him the money. We were waiting for a ticket.
“Ticket wagera nahi hain…kaise bhi baith jao”–Shock no 1

What we saw inside was something I will never forget.There was a large screen….10 feet*15 feet wide. 10 feet away fromthe screen was the “seating” which consisted of 10 rows of wooden benches, each large enough to seat 7 people.–Shock no 2

“Arrey yeh to Anatomy Hall ke discarded benches Lagte hain” I told my friends who were just as shocked as I was. We made ourselves “comfortable” and settled down. Later some more people came and since the benches seemed full they settled on the floor.The movie began. It was an obviously pirated CD playing Pakistani Ads every 20-30 mins. The ads were too funny. The best we liked was “Chintoo candy”. Most ads had jingles based on the tunes of Hindi movies of the 90s. The CD quality was poor. The movie was nice though.

Later after the movie
“Kaisi lagee movie” my friend Pragati asked everyone
“Its nice yaar” Aditi said
“Uh..hmnn..guys by the way tum logonko wo kuch last scenes samajh me aayakyaa…?” I sheepishly asked everyone.
“The ones in which Hritik was trying to climb the mountains? Nahi yaar wasn’t it too dark? I think there was 15 minutes of just continuous darkness!!!!” Pragati”
Thank God, I thought I needed new glasses”

Later when I saw the movie again I realised that was the hallmark ofthe movie!!!!Later many theatres cropped up in and around Loni. But the aditya experience was unbeatable.


My name story

There is something in a name…in my case there is something “behind” my name.

Apart from beginning with “V” like both my parents, my name has a funny history. On the day of my christening ceremony, my aunt (dad’s sis) left from Churchgate to come to Goregaon where the ceremony was held. That day, some day in Aug 1983, due to heavy rains, a tree fell down over a local train at Grant Road railway station. Due to this, the railways were disrupted and it took my poor bua heroic efforts to reach goregaon. She was the one to “name ” me according to the rituals!! And hence she chose the name “Varsha” for me!!!



Few months back the word “Blog” meant NOTHING to me. Then this vacation after viewing a few blogs, I was enticed into start blogging myself. So my blog is going to be just some stuff i feel like writing. I am not exactly an author in making…so let me not raise anyone’s hopes.

Till then