Lose weight in a week- No exercise, surgery, pills or dieting

So wrong, at so many levels!

On one side, we have this crazy epidemic of obesity amongst all social classes, masses and ages. On the other side, the crazy onslaught of books written to lose weight, kilos, inches, and the works. Clinics, doctors, dietitians, vaidyas, gyms, quacks who will all promise quick fixes and seemingly no effort involved methods. As long as you shell out the moolah, and indulge in the self damage.


We all know

  1. Nothing in life comes so easy
  2. Things that come easy often come the wrong way
  3. If its too good to be true, its probably not!
We also know
  1. What food is not nice for us
  2. What is good food
  3. That we all need physical exercise

Yet, why do we all fall pray to these antics? I know a crazily famous “slimming doctor” who “dissolves people’s fat” and puts them on super restrictive diets like lime juice, lauki juice, excessive water and cucumbers. Says you won’t feel weak with this diet. Slowly “allows” you to start eating. The fallacy of this approach is so blaring obvious!
When someone drills in you you won’t be tired, you either won’t be (mind over body) or you won’t acknowledge. And you obviously lose weight quickly, when you are on a liquid diet. And then you have to follow a life long of a ridiculously restricted diet, which you obviously cannot. So you agree, that doctor helped you lose all the weight, but you gained because you didn’t follow the diet. You blame yourself, not the impractical diet for your weight gain. Doctor wins clients, you lose money, some weight and a lot of confidence.

I like the other dietician a bit more. One who believes in eating Indian, eating all you like but watching portions, timings etc.

More will follow in further posts!

NOTE: I’m not affiliated to any dietician, clinic, hospital, quack, et al


What DO Men want?

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Incidentally my 100th post, thank you!
Never imagined my 100th post will be anything more that “Yay my 100th post”. But no, Blogadda has some plan for me! So I put on my thinking cap and though….

I believe that most men want
To be heard out…
….about the day they spent at work, job hiccups, boss bitching (yes you heard that right).

….need I say more?

To be looked after and even pampered, like their moms did…
….clean home, warm food, hot tea and all they want at hand. With minimal effort. Or just a bit more than minimal effort (lets be fair to them)

A Strong Woman…
….who can fight her own battles. A silly scared girl may be cute (I said MAY be) to some, but most guys want a woman who is strong independent and not a sissy.

Peace of mind…
….no nagging and a mom and wife who can stay with each other with love. Each one has a special place in his life that cannot be replaced by anyone else

To be loved and accepted…
….unconditionally, with the the bald head, with the pot belly and with the sometimes small pay packet.

….to fart, burp, sneeze at any time of the day, in the confines of his home.

….in the eyes of his partner and children.

….of all that he does for his loved ones. The efforts and the sacrifices.

I am sure there is lot more, all the men out there, tell us what you want. We want to hear you. Women out there, tell me what more men want!

This is How You Do NOT Bake a Cake

The Do’s, everyone will tell you them, here are the don’ts that I have learn’t the hard way, i.e personal experience

1) Don’t bake till you have at least once seen someone bake either in real life or on TV or an authentic video. Small Things like how to fill, grease, flour and line the pans are very important.

2) Before you start out, have all your things together. The cookware, the spoons, whips, ingredients, measures….everything in place. My routine cooking is very intuitive. I start cooking, then walk around the kitchen, gather stuff and ingredients while I am cooking and that works fine for me for my roz ka khaana. NP claims I am a great cook, which I believe he says to convince himself and to gear himself to a lifetime of my radioactive cooking. (OK, I am not that bad, but not great either, a little better than average is quite where I am). But baking requires a little more effort than your routine cooking. At least in the beginning. So be well prepared.

3) Read the recipe carefully. Trust those from good books. Sites I am not sure. Cooking blogs are generally good, but do not go by the pics. Awful stuff can look awesome in a few fancy photographs. If a recipe seems complicated, please stay away. Use your intuition before you cook. This is presuming you are a newbie like me (since you have reached so far). Start with simple things first. Like a basic sponge cake.

4) Follow the sequence, yes. But do not take things THAT seriously. Like at the fag end of the recipe they will tell you to drop the mixture in greased and flour dusted tin and put it in an oven preheated for x minutes. No one will tell you that the tin must be greased and dusted before you begin. And by the time you are done the oven better be pre heated. Once the batter is made, it must be baked soon. Leaving it out for long will result in cakes that do not rise enough.

5) The tooth pic/knife/fork test, again do not take it SO seriously, the way I did. Kept poking my cake so often that it looked like a pock marked cake by the time it was fully done! BTW also beware, opening the oven too often during the innumerable fork tests is not good, the heat is lost out.

6) Prepare small portions at the oust. Expect some wastage and failed experiments before working out exactly how much heating your portions, your oven need. My first cake had a charred crust and rest was fine after I literally tore off the crust. Second was absolutely tasteless and charred mess. Third was too dense and sweet but overall not bad. Fourth attempt a year later with previous gyaan was much better but past “burns” made me poke it too often and my cake collapsed and got dense as the poking spoiled the top and let the air inside the baking cake escape.

7) Remember, Fahrenheit and Celsius were two different people with contributions to science similar yet different. So read carefully the temperature stated on the recipe and carry out appropriate conversions. Your oven may still need different temperatures so watch your cake get baked, this is not the time to watch that silly reality show on TV.

8) Finally, whatever you do, whether the outcome is a good cake or a damaged cake, your kitchen will end up smelling like heaven (that is how I imagine it smells), of course unless you char it way too far. And do not get discouraged, its really not rocket science, baking cakes, only practice makes one perfect. So happy trying.


Meter Jam

Auto, Taxi…you love them , you hate them, you swear at them yet cannot do without them…..

I hate it the most, to ask for an auto ride from Parle east to west. What makes it worse is that I get an auto after at least 10 have rejected (with 7 giving tchs, like I have asked them to try skinny dipping down the Mithi river) Late at night, I understand. But duing the day?! Whats the problem? Traffic? Its everywhere. Plus more traffic is more income, so why complain?!

Another pain is the airport. Try taking an auto from the Airport. To anywhere. Big pain  Once a fella fought with me because he had waited 3 hours in the queue and got a “minimum bhada”. The other one, when I took him to Ghatkopar from the airport whined that this was way too far, he had waited 3 hours in the queue! Uh?!

I have reduced my auto rides the day the fares increased. Walking is good for me anyway!

But still, I do agree, we cannot do without them. Atleast I cannot. Since I do not have my own vehicle yet.

While we do blame them, there are nice guys too. One kaka near my home I particularly like. One day while on our way to Kurla terminus Nagesh forgot his bagpack with his laptop and SLR camera in the auto. When we realized, the auto had left already. But this kaka, returned back to give us our bag when he saw it in his rear view mirror.

For me, meter jam is almost always on. Bus or a walk. Auto for emergencies only.

But I am game for August 12th, yes!!


Nameless Post

So I can’t think of a good name for my post……

Rainy day and I’m home today with my hot cup of tea. Home not because of the strike….I have been visiting college in spite of our MARD strike. Attending meetings, taking part in rallies and the works. But the rains lashing out at the city have kept me home. Every year there is one July day when Mumbaians stay home thanks to heavy rains. So this year, hopefully this was that day……

Over the past few days, one thing I have learn’t about myself…Mint is probably my favorite flavour! I love mint in my tea, mint chutney in my sandwiches. I love Baskin Robbins Mint Chocolate icecream (People with no taste dare to call it toothpaste flavoured ice cream). After Eight is one of my favorite chocolates. Recently I went shopping to Fabindia and ended up buying a mint soap for myself (Loved it too).

Visited Bangalore and stayed with Nagesh’s cousin and his family. Loved the city, loved my new family. And loved the workshop on mechanical ventilation for which had gone to Bangalore. Or Bengaluru? Suits fine……
Small regrets….I couldn’t meet my best buddy in Bangalore, thanks to my short trip. Couldn’t catch up with a dear friend with whom I had stayed a year ago when I was in Bangalore, who, with his family had been extremely nice and accomodating when I had visited them over a year ago, thanks to my lack of planning and an ounce of laziness…..

MIL has now moved to Colaba, again, thanks to jijaji being shuttled off to Vizag by the Indian Navy……so me back to home plus work…. sigh