Its been over a year. I have neglected this small space of mine. Yet again.

To make a quick update my life has changed, for good. Now I am a proud mommy to a beautiful girl, who came in our lives this January. She been the best gift I could have asked for. Since I learnt of her entry in our lives, almost a year ago- May 23 to be precise, I have been busy dreaming, reading mom blogs, learning baby stuff, buying pregnancy books…and trying to write a anonymous pregnancy journal!

Anyway now I am back, hopefully with a bang….. Hoping to write lot more


Meter Jam

Auto, Taxi…you love them , you hate them, you swear at them yet cannot do without them…..

I hate it the most, to ask for an auto ride from Parle east to west. What makes it worse is that I get an auto after at least 10 have rejected (with 7 giving tchs, like I have asked them to try skinny dipping down the Mithi river) Late at night, I understand. But duing the day?! Whats the problem? Traffic? Its everywhere. Plus more traffic is more income, so why complain?!

Another pain is the airport. Try taking an auto from the Airport. To anywhere. Big pain  Once a fella fought with me because he had waited 3 hours in the queue and got a “minimum bhada”. The other one, when I took him to Ghatkopar from the airport whined that this was way too far, he had waited 3 hours in the queue! Uh?!

I have reduced my auto rides the day the fares increased. Walking is good for me anyway!

But still, I do agree, we cannot do without them. Atleast I cannot. Since I do not have my own vehicle yet.

While we do blame them, there are nice guys too. One kaka near my home I particularly like. One day while on our way to Kurla terminus Nagesh forgot his bagpack with his laptop and SLR camera in the auto. When we realized, the auto had left already. But this kaka, returned back to give us our bag when he saw it in his rear view mirror.

For me, meter jam is almost always on. Bus or a walk. Auto for emergencies only.

But I am game for August 12th, yes!!


Need Prayers…

For my MIL who is not well….

For myself..the countdown to my exams has begun….


Wedding Photos and Video

Some of our wedding pictures and video’s thanks to our dear friends Uma and Abhijit

Abhijit’s Photo Album

Uma’s Album

Videos from Abhijit


One Fine Day….

..they were travelling on the bus. She asked him, out of the blue,

“If you had to change one thing about me, what would it be?”

He said, “Nothing. I love you just the way you are.”

She, “No but still, change one thing……”

He, “Ok. I wish I could make you little less sensitive than you are”

She, “Hmnnn”

After a long wait she asked,

“You didn’t ask me what I would like to change in you. I was expecting that question..”

He, “Ok…what ?”

She, “I wish I could make you a bit more sensitive…..”

No prizes for guessing who “they” are. They are getting married on June 22nd 2007.


I’m Back

Done with my entrance exams. On 14th jan and 21st jan. The chances of me getting through in this attempt are slim, slimmer after I know what I have done in my papers. Anyways for some time I am back to dedicated blogging……