Dear Mr. Bacchan

I saw on some news channel that Amitabh Bacchan wants to raise funds for the blast victims.

Huh….RAISE FUNDS?? If he really wishes to help he might as well just sign a cheque. This seems more like a publicity gimmick…..Where you make others buy passes for your shows, or auction some of your many possessions and “show” how benevolent you are..

C’mon Mr. Bacchan we are not fools to fall for this…..try something else…

By nagpai

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6 replies on “Dear Mr. Bacchan”

It\’s okay. It\’s important to make a contribution – whether by contributing one\’s money or by contributing one\’s talents to raise money is an entirely personal matter.The same cannot be said about a certain Tendulkar sucking up to the then Govt. to avoid paying duty on a gifted car when he could and should have afforded the same. And the same tax payers \”forgave\” him without even realising they had been defrauded. Ugh!


He has already raised 26,000 pounds at a charity dinner in london. Maybe he did sign a cheque.. but did so anonymously to avoid the glare of publicity possible aint it?


Well atleast he has come forward to help in some fashion or the other. Some of the other celebrities marched in a rally and yet so many have done nothing. Of course a lot of the same celebrities would readily go perform at Dawood ibrahim\’s party wouldnt they?


I agree with you there. Sometimes I don\’t agree with the fact that the bolly stars use their publicity to raise money. I mean they could technically just give their own money. I magine if the entire bollywood industry gets together, and gives part of their, it would so make a difference. And then perhaps, you can use ur publicity to get money from other people.


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