Nameless Post

So I can’t think of a good name for my post……

Rainy day and I’m home today with my hot cup of tea. Home not because of the strike….I have been visiting college in spite of our MARD strike. Attending meetings, taking part in rallies and the works. But the rains lashing out at the city have kept me home. Every year there is one July day when Mumbaians stay home thanks to heavy rains. So this year, hopefully this was that day……

Over the past few days, one thing I have learn’t about myself…Mint is probably my favorite flavour! I love mint in my tea, mint chutney in my sandwiches. I love Baskin Robbins Mint Chocolate icecream (People with no taste dare to call it toothpaste flavoured ice cream). After Eight is one of my favorite chocolates. Recently I went shopping to Fabindia and ended up buying a mint soap for myself (Loved it too).

Visited Bangalore and stayed with Nagesh’s cousin and his family. Loved the city, loved my new family. And loved the workshop on mechanical ventilation for which had gone to Bangalore. Or Bengaluru? Suits fine……
Small regrets….I couldn’t meet my best buddy in Bangalore, thanks to my short trip. Couldn’t catch up with a dear friend with whom I had stayed a year ago when I was in Bangalore, who, with his family had been extremely nice and accomodating when I had visited them over a year ago, thanks to my lack of planning and an ounce of laziness…..

MIL has now moved to Colaba, again, thanks to jijaji being shuttled off to Vizag by the Indian Navy……so me back to home plus work…. sigh

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I like mint too.. especially chocolates with mint flavored stuffing inside. Its got that sharp taste that suits my palate. And again one of my favorite drinks, Mojito, has a lot of mint and I love it for the same reason!


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