Stretched Weekend

Sunday, Dasara off and a leave on tuesday due to a family emergency….boy have I postponed my Monday morning blues to Wednesday!

Dasara wishes to everyone…..

This year the lazy girl didn’t do anything she was supposed to do for Dasara, which she has been doing since ages, the celebration which braved 4 years of hostel just to be left when the girl was not on call, not tired and very much at home…tch tch….a very bad girl, a little sorry and guilty girl.

Saw “Whats your Rashee”. Was expecting the rashi kanyas to be atleast a bit like the rashee they were portraying but that was not the case, or atleast not very obviously so….Songs were too many and non hummable. Characters were well portrayed and direction was good. Like all Ashoutosh Gowarikar films, the cinematography was terrific but the movie was painfully long (a la Jodha Akbar, Lagaan and Swades. All loooong but well shot) For the actors, a fly won’t fly off Harman’s face. Priyanka was good and versatile. All the Gujjus were convincing. The detective bit was totally not needed. If you can sit in a place for 4.5 hrs straight then the movie is fine for a one time watch (Although Jiju, Radhika and Nagesh so hated the movie). Seats in Big Cinema at (the premium once we had taken ) were not exactly comfortable. Hope the message gets to Anil Bhai.

At the end of this post it just struck me that I have watched each one of AG film in a movie hall. Record of sorts considering I rarely ever watch movies , lesser so at the theatres.

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