One Fine Day….

..they were travelling on the bus. She asked him, out of the blue,

“If you had to change one thing about me, what would it be?”

He said, “Nothing. I love you just the way you are.”

She, “No but still, change one thing……”

He, “Ok. I wish I could make you little less sensitive than you are”

She, “Hmnnn”

After a long wait she asked,

“You didn’t ask me what I would like to change in you. I was expecting that question..”

He, “Ok…what ?”

She, “I wish I could make you a bit more sensitive…..”

No prizes for guessing who “they” are. They are getting married on June 22nd 2007.

By nagpai

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18 replies on “One Fine Day….”

Hi VarshaAll set for D-Day 🙂 ?Just wanted to say \”All the very Best\” to you and Nagesh. Was looking for your email on your blog but couldn\’t find it – so settled for penning a comment here.God Bless !!Love,GauriP.S : would love to speak to you in person next time I\’m in Bombay.


Surprisingly, Varshaaaa!!!I am reading it on 22nd of June, Mid night… :-)Looking @ the comments above, It\’s your marriage ha!!??Well, All the very Best for your married life. Have a wonderful time ahead… :-)Cheers~Harsha


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